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    May 31, 2005



    Amen. I have worked in China for 8 years in the tech/media field and my first trip to Vietnam was 2 years ago. It's economically where China was 10 years ago, and therefore lots of opportunities. Though the market is incredibly small compared to China, the food, culture, and people make it worthwhile to invest. I would argue that Saigon and the south are much more advanced than Hanoi and the north of the country and would put my dollars around Saigon.

    Colin Crawford

    Agreed, which is why we've also opened offices there. The whole region of Indochina, including Laos and Cambodia is really starting to open up. Goodness know what they will do once everyone gets a car !

    Hugo E. Martin


    I can not agree more. Viet Nam it is a very fascinating country with professional, very eager and very friendly people. Hope Pat's and IDG investment works well for IDG and for Viet Nam!

    Before the Asian crisis started, I did some publishing there and we had further plans in IT (CHIP) and Automobile business - until 1997. I always found good partner and well educated staff, committed to do the best job possible and learn from the rest of the world.

    With some I'm still in contact ... and hope to go back there in the not so far future.

    Paul Woodward

    Colin - Greetings from Hong Kong. Very good to see Vietnam get some coverage. With 70 million+ people, it is one of the really under-exposed markets of SE Asia. Lots of potential there for all types of businesses and very little media activity has yet taken root, particularly from the international players.

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