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    June 14, 2006


    Rick van Dijk

    As an initial skeptic to the entire blogging phenomenon I have recently become a convert. IDG Netherlands has recently started an 'open' company weblog,
    To my surprise it has been picked up by the outside world but not only that, it also turns out to be a valuable internal communications tool as well. Some postings on the blog have already resulted in new and renewed discussions about activities and ideas.
    By the way, the link in your post doesn't work ;)

    Rick van Dijk

    I tried again, and the link does work after all, so nevermind my last comment.

    Jerry Tarasofsky

    Am just catching up on my “must read” blogs of which yours is one and am taking your advice and responding to this blog posting by inviting you to visit “Turn Up The Silence”, our corporate blog. It is refreshing to see more and more thought leaders accepting what we at iPerceptions have known for a long time – “Businesses need to listen not only to their customers but to other conversations that are happening around them”. I agree with your comment that blogs act as huge, ongoing focus groups providing feedback and ideas and that some of the most brilliant people in the world are blogging. I think the real issue though for most businesses is how to accurately listen to what is being said out there and accurately interpret what is being said by the many voices in the marketplace. That’s the real challenge that our clients are facing. Keep the great ideas coming.

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