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    July 19, 2006



    I stumbled across your blog while I was doing some online research. You make some excellent points and do so in a concise, well articulated style. Thanks for a great read!

    carol chamberlain

    The reluctance to give up print for many of us is in the association. Computing equals work and mags equal relaxation.

    The breakthrough happens when laptop meets recliner. But what about the photos?


    The point about the lean back aspect of magazine compared to the lean forwead interaction of online is correct. The mediums are very different - it's not either or. However, the economics of print compared to online are challenging. The tipping point is here and media executives have to adjust to that reality.

    Brian Giese

    I have to say, Colin, you really nailed it on this post. Thanks for the honesty. Print is really declining in readership (look at ADVO being sold recently) and online media is exploding. Isn't it the responsibility of media companies to put the ads in front of the eyeballs? It's already tipped.

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