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    February 09, 2007



    I am in total agreement that media needs to focus more of a multi-channel marketing approach. My company, InkOutLoud, has just launched a service that will take traditional print publications and turn them into audio. Our initial research shows that 30% of readers would be interested in partial or complete audio editions. InkOutLoud can also still maintain advertising revenue. Ay any rate, we would love to have a brief chat over email whenever you get a chance. Please check out our site at and shoot me an email at [email protected]. Your opinion is greatly appreciated even if you have reservations.


    It was a pleasant surprite to run across your blog -- and this post in particular -- while surfing for something else regarding IDG. As one who grew up professionally at IDG, I've always admired the company and it's core DNA: meritocracy, curiosity and a passion for technology (at least as I saw it). It's great to read that IDG continues to evolve in such a positive way!

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