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    March 26, 2009



    I recall that in 2000 IDG Global Solutions in Europe did some worldwide research pertaining to people’s attitudes towards purchasing products and services on the web. The overwhelming conclusion of the research was that everyone was talking about internet commerce but very few were actually participating in the process. The main reason for this reluctance was perceived issues with security at that time, how far we have come in a relatively short time? It could well be that if the mobile user experience is rich and useful mobile users in the future will demand timely content delivered on a mobile web platform as a preference to traditional web based content, they just have not yet been convinced that the positives of the experience will out way any currently perceived issues and irritations.


    Colin - any idea why the underlying research from PEW is so stale (2007). Though this report seems new, all the data is dated given mobile has matured quite a bit since then. Did they just do some new segmentation?



    With the pace of mobile growth and the impact of smartphones over the last year - it would have been good to see data from 2008. It's highly that the %'s have changed dramatically.

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