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    December 13, 2009


    Adam Engst

    Seems to me that people do change mobile phone numbers fairly frequently - perhaps that's happening less now that there's some number portability, but I haven't noticed any particular stability to mobile numbers as people move around the country, switch carriers, change physical phones (often related to switching carriers), pop on and off other payment plans (for young people), get jobs that require work phones, and so on.

    Heck, my last mobile number had been owned by someone else who owed Barclays money on a credit card, so I had to put up with nearly 100 collection calls from a phone bank in the Philippines until it finally trickled off. And I changed (by porting) the number as well.

    It only costs a little to change a mobile phone number, as well, so it seems like the sort of thing that anyone who is being harassed in any way would do fairly quickly - I've never heard of someone doing that with a landline.

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